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PLAYCORN School Box Set Series

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PLAYCORN School Box Set Series

PLAYCORN is an educational tool made of corn powder: Most educational materials for children are made of plastics, which contain harmful adhesive and chemicals that can be absorbed by the body. And non-recycling plastics can cause environmental damages. PLAYCORN is a harmless and environment-friendly material that stimulates children’s creativity and imagination. Suitable for 3years and above, PLAYCORN is ideal for learning or rehabilitation both at school and at home.


  • PLAYCORN is Environment Friendly.
  • It is natural and 100% biodegradable. It is made of maize, water and food coloring.
  • PLAYCORN is versatile creative material.
  • It is fun plaything to improve children’s concentration.
  • PLAYCORN is simple to use.
  • It is so simple that everybody can use it.
  • PLAYCORN makes something from nothing.
  • Children can make anything they imagine using simple shape PLAYCORN.
  • PLAYCORN is practical and educational.
  • If you dip PLAYCORN into water, it gets melted to be able to paint. Draw various pictures with used pieces.
  • PLAYCORN improves children's creative skills.
  • It helps children learn to create three-dimensional objects.
  • PLAYCORN is safe.
  • It is natural corn-powder product that is harmless and safe.


  • Size : 56 x 47.5 x 32.5(cm)
  • About 5000 PLAYCORNs
  • 15 Sponges
  • 15 Cutting Tools
  • 10 Brick making moulds
  • 10 Plastic working plates
  • 3 Instructions 32p each